Torch is a female contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle. Her best friends we're Chess Piece and originally Flag. Her arch enemy is also Compass


Of all the episodes of season one, Torch appears to be a clipart of a torch with lots of colors. Torch's flames are also not transparent.

When the release of Super Lifeless Object Camp, Torch's body will appear shinier. Her flame is now transparent and has a gradient color to it, from yellow, orange, and to red.


  • Torch is one of the few characters to be made out with a clip art. Others being Bowly (until episode 8), Chess Piece (until episode 6), Map (until Episode 4A), and Laptop (until episode 4A).
  • Torch is actually shorter than Plug-ee.
  • Torch is the first torch character ever made in object show history!
  • Torch appears to be taller than Map in Who's "PAM?". This must be a goof made by Jevron Freeman
  • Torch is one of the most females who has eyelashes. 
  • Torch is the only female character who's brown.
  • Torch is one of the females who has less screentime. Others being Plug-ee, and mostly Grape.
  • As said by Torch in Aw, Come On?, Torch is said to be half Japanese.
    • Torch found this out by checking out ancestry. com, a website where people can find out who their ancestor is.
  • Torch does not have a moving flame.

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