Plug-ee is a female competitor in Super Lifeless Object Battle. She is also very unique from all other characters from the show.


She is a beige outlet that unusually has two faces. In her old design, she is much skinnier and is much lighter. In her new design however, she is much wider and is in a different color. She also has no outline around her white eye.


  • She is the only character to have two faces thus far.
    • She is the only female character to be like this.
    • Other characters that are like this are PeaPods from Inanimations and Insane Fury, Cherries from Inanimate Insanity II and Object Overload, and Outlet from Insane Fury.
  • She is the only character in Super Lifeless Object Battle to have a white eye.
    • And yet scared and paranoid, unlike Woody from BFDI, she is the only scared character without a Woody eye.
  • Plug-ee is shown cheating in the third episode, Aw, Come On!, as she found three eggs stacked automatically.
    • By doing this, she had immunity anyway.
  • Plug-ee's legs are always seen crossed.
  • The first time Plug-ee had ever smiled was in Aw, Come On!  After she cheated.
  • Plug-ee's name was originally going to be spelled Pluggy.
    • Because of this, Plug-we was almost about to be renamed Outlet.
  • Even though her name is Plug-ee, she is not a plug.
  • Plug-ee was originally going to be planned to be physically sad.
  • Plug-ee originally had Glidey as a love interest.
  • Plug-ee was originally going to be a light switch.
  • Plug-ee is one of the characters with a few changes.
  • It's revealed in Who's "PAM?", Plug-'re has been sleeping since Episode 4A because Egg inserted a acoma syringe onto her.


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