Paper Plate is a female contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle. She is also in Team Flight Kites.


In episode 1, Paper Plate is a smooth paper plate. Everywhere on her body is smooth.

In episodes 2-8, Paper Plate looks like a common paper plate as she is rough and has mountain like ridges around her body.

In Super Lifeless Object Camp, she looks the same, but now with dark gray outlines. She also has a white shine across her body. 

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In Tanks!, Paper plate got her tank blown up by


  • Paper Plate is the first eliminated contestant.
    • She is also the first female to be eliminated.
  • Paper Plate is the only limbless contestant of Super Lifeless Object Battle. This was until Super Lifeless Object Camp
    • She is also the only female to be limbless. The only limbless male contestant is Geometry Dash Icon, a new contestant debuting in Super Lifeless Object Camp.
  • Paper Plate, if she has limbs, will be the same size as Compass and Bowly.
  • Paper Plate revealed she was a female in Who's "PAM?
  • She is the only female in Team Flight Kites


Team Flight Kites
Team Flight Kites

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