PAM is a mysterious and devilish dark side of Map. Although her first debut was in Who's "PAM?", Map's rude behavior in Episode 4B was actually a sign of PAM in Map.


PAM's body is Map's body, but all black. In episode 6-7, her eyes are common object show eyes, but red. In Super Lifeless Object Reboot, her eyes are wide and bloody.


In season 1, PAM was a supposed dark side of Map. PAM has been part of her childhood ever since she was born. It's unknown how PAM can be awaken, as she comes out of Map randomly. It's still easy to know when PAM is about to be awaken, as she'll act with very abnormal manner as she's usually a very nice but stupid person. In Episode 8, It's Over, it's revealed that for Map to release PAM, Map has to kill herself.


  • PAM is Map spelt backwards.
  • PAM's new eyes represents the bloody and hollow eyes of Sonic.exe.
  • PAM is a knock-off of Evil Paper from Inanimate Insanity.
  • PAM is the only character in the show with a human name.