Map is a mysterious female character in Super Lifeless Object Battle, as she has a devilish side inside her named PAM. Map is best freinds with Glidey, while her arch enemy is Torch, who voted her off in Episode 4B.


Map is a physical map that is blue for the ocean on her body and green for the land on her body. Her natural color is golden yellow, which is investigated when seeing her idle. 

Old Map was a sky blue and lime green physical map. Her natural paper color was pale instead of golden yellow. As revealed in Piggy-Ham-Bacon' s Deviant Art, Map targets every object show on "North Objerica."

Never seen before Map was really, really different. Although her natural color was pale, her physical features on her body are whole olive green. She also had a more sharp-looking X on her body.

PAM , Map's dark side, is a shadow version of Map. Her (or his) limbs and body are whole black. Her eyes however is blood red.


  • Map was the second female character to be eliminated. The first was Paper Plate.
    • Coincidentally, they both rejoined in episode 6.
  • Map is shown to be mean in various episodes. This is mostly because of an act made by PAM.
  • Goof: Map is shown to be smaller than Torch, even though Torch is supposed to be shorter than her.
  • When Map says "Vote for me! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" In Who's "PAM?", She uses an Inanimate Insanity mouth.
  • Map is the first female character created in Super Lifeless Object Battle.
    • She is also the second character created.
  • Map is the first one to say a cuss word in Super Lifeless Object Battle as she said,"FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWCK YOU!" In Episode 4B.
  • Map was originally the first version of Baysa. This was scrapped because the creator thought it wouldn't match.


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