Jevron Freeman is a unique character in Super Lifeless Object Battle. He is neither a contestant or a host in the show. He is shown talking Laptop in various episodes. Jevron is usually seen in a dark unknown room. 


The current version of Jevron Freeman is a sky blue cube with a face resembling Pip, a cartoonish dog character Jevron Freeman worked on his own. His pupils will always move around while his mouth is always at the same spot, which is the bottom right corner.

The older version of Jevron Freeman was much different. This Jevron had an idle that was really bright so his eyes were visible. He also had object show eyes on the profile eyes and has a light-gray mouth.


  • Jevron is shown talking to Laptop in Episodes 2 and 4A
  • Jevron is the only protagonist in the show that is neither a contestant, a recommended character, or a host.
  • In And His Name Is..., Jevron accidentally calls Laptop an idiot. Most likely because Laptop can't tell what happened to the assets.

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