Grape is a Fillipina (female Fillipino) contestant that competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle. She is a very kind contestant and is currently in love with Sushi, while her arch enemy is now Egg.


Grape is a purple, concord grape with a green stem. From the whole entire first season, Grape is very shiny, as well as having a very bold outline. In some episodes, Grape's body seems to tilt for no reason. For Season 2 (also known as Super Lifeless Object Camp, Grape's body is more shinier than before, as well as her green stem being 3-dimensional and her body having no outline.


  • Even though Grape is supposed to talk Tagalog most of the time, Grape only speaks Tagalog in Tanks!.
    • The only line she says in Tagalog is "Ito ay upang panganak," which means, "It's so boring."
  • Grape is shown talking to Nickel in Tanks!.
  • Grape is the smallest female contestant in Super Lifeless Object Battle.
  • Grape is the only fruit contestant in Super Lifeless Object Battle.
  • Grape is the only two female characters to be armless. The other being Paper Plate.
  • Similar to Plug-ee, Grape was originally going to have a brother on screen in the series, named Olive. However, because of Bandicam Demo's delay, Olive turned into a scrapped character.


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