Donger Shlonger is a male contestant who competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle, but, has retired the competition show, along with Po .


Donger Shlonger is a cubic profile picture with a rainbow background. He also has the word,"Donger Shlonger," written around his body. He also has the phrase, "I thought that was pretty hot'" at the bottom of his body. He also has a modified version of Dipsy 2.0 from Five Nights at Tubbyland known as Shlonger Donger. Donger Shlonger would also wear "deal with it" glasses.


  • Donger Shlonger is suppose to honor an admin from Five Nights at Tubbyland Wikia, Tuparman, the creator of the Shlonger Donger and friends meme.
  • Donger Shlonger is actually a reverse order of Shlonger Donger.
  • Donger Shlonger first appeared in a picture made by Piggy-Ham-Bacon,"Glasses on Glasses," where Donger Shlonger (who's depicting Tuparman) is wearing two glasses.
  • Donger Shlonger hates Anonymous Wikia users, as revealed in Episode 4C.
  • It appears that Donger Shlonger usually brings a shotgun with him.
  • The vehicle that Donger Shlonger and Po rides in Episode 4D is the Star Destroyer from Star Wars.
  • Donger Shlonger is actually the same size as Jevron Freeman .
  • Donger Shlonger is named after one of the characters of Tuparman's "Shlonger Donger & Freinds" meme, Shlonger Donger, a character that represents a modified version of Dipsy from Five Nights at Tubbyland with big eyes.


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