Computer is the main antagonist of Super Lifeless Object Battle. He first made cameo appearances in some episodes, The first one being Episode 4A. He made his first official appearance in Who the Heck is Baysa?, and died in It's Over!.

Appearance Edit

Computer is a dark-gray Dell computer that has no limbs whatsoever. He has a red face, he has a sound wave for his mouth, his only hand is a mouse, and he has pink eyes.

In Episodes 4A-8, he used to wear glasses

Trivia Edit

  • Computer wasn't purposely supposed to wear glasses. Instead, Jevron Freeman's brother requested him to put on glasses on him so he can look like the Terminator from The Terminator
  • Computer is designed to look like Computery from Inanimations
  • It's impossible for Computer to explode in space. However, he died by exploding in space in It's Over
  • Computer made cameos in Episode 4A and Episode 4B as an Easter Egg
  • Computer was actually made before Episode 4A.
    • He was made for fun, but then he became an antagonist.