Compass is a male contestant that competes in Super Lifeless Object Battle. He is in Team Navigator and got eliminated in It's Over!, which was the last episode of season 1.


In episode 1 , Compass appears as a brown compass with a red and yellow compass rose in the middle. He also has the abbreviations, N, S, E, W, NW, SW, NE, and SE, which obviously stand for North, South, West, East, Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast.

In episodes 1-4A, Compass was then changed into a clipart of a compass that is a yellow shiny one. It even has a pointer that doesn't even work.

In episodes 4A-8, Compass's body changed and was made with Microsoft PowerPoint. It also resembles Compass's previous body, but, with a darker hue.


  • Compass is the 2nd contestant with the least amount of screentime. 1st being Chess Piece and the 3rd being Atom
  • Even though Compass debuted in Tanks!, he says that he now has screentime in Episode 4A
  • Compass was originally going to have an arch enemy named Clock.
    • Sometimes, as said by the creator, Compass will call Clock and "imposter."
  • Compass was the last contestant on Team Navigator, until he got eliminated in 5th Place.


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Team Navigator

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