Chess Piece is a strange male character in Super Lifeless Object Battle. He is a character based off of Baseball from Object Universe and mostly Cocktail from Object Insanity (Or Object Island). 


Chess Piece is armless baeg chess piece that has the appearance of a king. He has lots of shines in various spots and is taller than Torch.

Never seen before Chess Piece had one difference. Instead of being armless, he had arms too. He used to have all limbs.


  • Chess Piece used to have a arch enemy named "Chest Peace," a darker version of him. However, Chest Peace was cancelled from the show.
  • Chess Piece is the only character without an enemy.
  • Chess Piece doesn't seem to care about everything.
  • Chess Piece didn't appear in most episodes. Most likely because of the time limit to the Bandicame Demo.
  • Chess Piece might grow a mouth in one episode.
  • Chess Piece was originally going to have a mouth.
  • Until And His Name Is..., Chess Piece used to be a very unique character, as his body was a cropped picture of a real chess piece unlike the other characters as their bodies are either made with Microsoft PowerPoint or they're a clipart.
  • Chess Piece used to have arms.
  • Chess Piece turned taller when his body changed. Now, he appears taller than Map
  • Chess Piece never changes his eye asset, as it will forever stay as a bored eye.
  • Chess Piece was originally going to be friends with Compass
  • As revealed in It's Over!, Chess Piece can hack.
    • He can also skip challenges if he never appeared in the challenge.


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